Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where in the world is Allie Brosh?

One of my favorite humor blogs is Hyperbole and a Half, written by a lovely (albeit slightly demented) woman named Allie Brosh.  I fell in love with Allie's craziness when she wrote this post about common grammatical errors found in the vast reaches of cyberspace, specifically the words "a lot" written as one word (link these words, Erika, you doof, before you publish this or you'll look like a complete fruitcake).

I've been hooked on her since I read it.    But her last entry, while still uproariously funny, was about depression and self loathing...and now I can't find her.  I need to read more of the funneh!

She posted an entry quite a while ago that she would have a book coming out, and I know her fans are all hoping that that's what she's been busy with, but we're needy and impatient children of the internet.  We want more Allie and we want her now.   She promised to update us periodically while she worked on her book, but she LIED TO US!   She can't be found anywhere!  Google+ hasn't seen her, Twitter has nothing new. Facebook has a disturbing note from her that says that she's kind of lost her mojo and I'm running out of places to stalk her.

So dear, sweet, badass Allie, hurry up and find your muse, kick her ass and get your blogging mojo back. 

Please and thanks, dollface.

Erika and the Children of the Internet

P.S.  If you've been led here through your own personal search for Allie, please stick around and let me entertain you with my own particular brand of humor.  Stay awhile.  Laugh, cringe, shake your head.
If you love it, share it with your friends.  If you hate it, share it with your enemies.

P.P.S.  Thank you to all who have notified me when they found anything from Allie.  Most recently, THIS was tweeted about by Allie.  I'm happy to have her back with us and hopeful that her blacker days will turn to a lighter shade of gray at the very least. 

If you're still into me and mine, check out today's post: Oversharing. That'll fix ya right up. 

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