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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are you SURE that's a vagina?

For those of you who are teaching your kids the generic "girls have a vagina" lesson, you ARE teaching them that the proper term for the entire outer package is vulva and not vagina, right? I mean, you know that the words are not synonymous, don't you?  
Just in case, let me give you a quick anatomy lesson. 

Vagina and vulva are not the same thing.  They are not interchangeable physiological terms.
The vagina is part of the inner workings, not the outer.

I asked this question on a social networking forum and got a variety of responses including this one:
"My child is too young to know the technical terms for her body parts." (Ignore the fact that the pet name we have created for her genitalia is four syllables long and she's already made up a song about it.)

And this one:
"Vulva is just a gross word."   (Vulva is not a gross word.  "MOIST" is a gross word.)  
And also this one: "It all means the same thing."
(To say that it's all the same thing is as inaccurate as saying that your hand is a finger and your finger is a hand and that's just plain silly.)

You know what this post needs?  Venn Diagrams!  (I know they look like crazy cartoon breasts.  Shut up.)
It's true that all rectangles are parallelograms, but not all parallelograms are rectangles.  
Likewise, all vulvae contain vaginas (or rather, the vaginal opening), but all vaginas don't contain the vulvae.

Yes, there is a difference and the difference is huge.  Vulva = clitoris, labia (2 sets) urethra, vaginal opening.  Vagina = the canal that leads from the vaginal opening to the cervix.   

Do you need another diagram?  Okay, here:  

So if you choose to shave your vulva, that's cool.  Get creative. Have fun with it.  However, if you choose to shave your vagina, it's not going to end well.  Don't use the good towels. 

Now, I know there will be someone who will get all worked up about this. Calm down. You can teach your kids whatever you want.  Don't sweat it because some stranger on the internet told you that it's the wrong word.   You're not breaking any law of child rearing.  No member of the Vulva Brigade will show up and ticket you for referring to your lady bits as your bajingo and hand you some reading material about the inaccurately named Vagina Monologues. I'm not going to take away your euphemisms.  Hell, euphemisms are fun!  Tell them it's a Harvey Wallbanger or a FlufferNutter if you like.   

I'm just saying that technically, it's incorrect.  

To recap:

The vulva is the correct term for the outside parts as a collective whole.

The vagina is the correct term for the "collective hole".  

What's your favorite euphemism for the VULVA?

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I got a text about a friend this afternoon that made my heart plummet into my shoes.

I had been getting the house ready for a birthday party for my daughter Lily and a visit from my friend Jennifer, who was coming up from Alabama on Tuesday.

Funny thing about this friend. We've never actually met. We've been online friends for...*counting on fingers* to three years now! We've never been in the same state at the same time until we spent some time in the state of shock this afternoon.

The text came from a mutual friend of ours (another friend who is dear to me, even though I've not yet met her in person) and she told me that Jennifer believed her house was on fire. Now before you freak out, she and her family were safe at a neighbor's house when she phoned our friend Katie (who then sent me the heart-stopping text). Lightning struck her house and started a fire in the basement/laundry area. She was in the process of turning the air conditioning off when her son noticed the smoke.

I had gone from preparing my house for Jennifer's visit, to praying that she would still have a home. She had gone from preparing for her trip while weathering a storm, to fleeing her house with her three children, the rain!

I know how frightening that must have been for all of them and how lucky they are that no one was hurt. I can imagine a much worse outcome had this storm hit in the middle of the night. *shudder*

I may not be seeing my friend this Tuesday, but the good news is that there will be another opportunity. For that, I am truly thankful.

Love you, Jeffy.

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