Stuff Sam Says...


Sam is my six-year-old daughter.  The things she says rival Charlie Sheen in their #WINNING. 
Sam on Juvenile Hall:
Driving home from church with noisy kids in the backseat, we passed by the juvenile corrections facility. I threatened to drop the noisy ones off there. Sam said, "What IS it?"
"But what IS it?"
"It's like prison for little kids."
"Oh. *pause* Well, do they have a ball pit?"
Conversing with her sisters about having babies:
"If i get one boy when i get older, i'm gonna name it George Lopez. if i get four boys, i'll name the last one Belly Button.  I'll name the second and third ones Augustus and Chuck Norris."

On being caught with her sister's candy in her hand and a VERY guilty look on her face:

"What. I wasn't going to EAT it..."
"Yes, you were."
"No, I wasn't."
"Yes, you were."
"No, I... I was."
Sam on Childbirth -
Samantha: "Mom, do you have a scar on your tummy from letting me out?"
Me: "Nope. I never gave birth that way."
Samantha: "Oh, so I came out through your..."
Me: "Vagina, yes. You all did."
Samantha: "At the SAME TIME??"

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