Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vegetable Torture: The Asparagus Story

I saw a friend's FaceBook status about broccoli this morning and I remembered the first time we tried asparagus. Because, you know, that's just how my mind works.

Asparagus. Yeah. It was canned. *bleck*

It was mushy. *double bleck*

I gave everyone a little taste on their plates at dinner. Sugar Daddy knew he wasn't going to like it and I think as soon as it touched his tongue he spat it back out never to allow that slimy green thing admittance to his mouth again.

The oldest and middle children definitely didn't care for it, but managed to choke it down with only minor grumbling.

Samantha, who was somewhere around 8 months old at that time, seemed to really like it. Most of her other food was of the same consistency as this canned monstrosity, so it stood to reason that she'd take to it better than the others.

After finishing her own helping of green muck, I offered her my share. That's when the reaction changed. She took a bite of the asparagussy goodness and then suddenly shrieked loudly for about twenty seconds. Whatever it was, fixed itself. So she took another bite.

More shrieking.

Another bite...more shrieks.

I thought, What the hell is with you, young lady?! I've never seen such a strange reaction to a vegetable in my life. She loved it, but she'd scream after each bite. What gives?!

It finally dawned on us later that evening that Mommy's Green Asparagus of Muck had PEPPER on it.


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