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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pig Sitting

We agreed to take care of Lily's former class pet over spring break as a favor to her old 4th grade teacher.  She's a guinea pig and a lovely house guest, despite being a bit of a squeaky wheel.  We'll make her comfortable here, and shower her with love and affection...provided that she follows the rules of the house.

So welcome back, Bugsly.  I hope you will enjoy your stay with us.  
Wake up call at 8 a.m.?  Of course, ma'am.  Fresh Timothy hay daily?  Very good, ma'am.  Snuggling on Sam's lap for hours at a time?  Absolutely, ma'am.  Leaving little brown Tic-Tacs on my furniture?  

Fuck you, pig.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This post is so lame it doesn't get a title.

Tis the season once again for SuperFun PoolTime and backyard barbeques. It's time for Iowa corn on the cob and marshmallow roasting and waterlogged kids acting like lunatics until they burn off the sugar high.
Fresh corn on the cob is a summer treat for us and we got to enjoy that ritual recently. It's amusing to see/hear what goes into Corn Night. It's a lot of shucking and boiling and buttering, followed by:
*nibble nibble*
*gnaw gnaw*
*toothpick, toothpick*

Oh. I mentioned SuperFun PoolTime, earlier. Oh, yes. We do love that pool. We have a rule that the kids seem to be able to follow pretty the best of my knowledge. That rule is NO PEEING IN THE POOL.
We don't require you to go inside to use the actual facilities, but we don't want to swim in your warm spot or or walk through your little puddle on the way back into the pool, so if you have to pee, do it in the side yard.

Poopers go inside.

And this: why I'm glad I don't have boys.

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