Sunday, February 24, 2013

Can I have your purse?

So here's the thing:  I'm looking all over the internet for a decent-sized tote/purse.  I can't seem to find one I just "have to have" on any site or Google, so I figure I'll just shop here.  Y'all have a ton of great shit, right? 
I'm partial to Michael Kors and Burberry, but will accept Coach and/or Prada if it's cute. 
If you've got one that's in the "give away to charity" pile, can I see it?   I mean...I'm the best charity I can think of.   

Well, it was worth a shot.
big smile mini

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where did he learn this shit??

At the store yesterday, the little boy in front of me got my attention.  I thought what a cutie he was as he helped his mother put the groceries up on the conveyor belt, which was quite a reach for his small arms.  He couldn't have been more than four years old. 
I was all set to compliment the mother on her helpful little man, when he took the plastic divider, held it in front of him and ran his hand up and down it and thrust his hips toward it like Steven Tyler with a microphone stand. 
He then pointed it at me like a rifle and "shot" me.  *pitchoo*
Then he did the same to the cashier, saying "You're dead".

I am rarely rendered speechless by preschool-age children, but in that instance I was completely dumbstruck.


Monday, February 11, 2013

So I made this tablet case...look at it.

I probably had about a thousand other things I needed to do today, but I was left alone with some leftover felt, a sewing machine, and that Nyan Cat song in my head...and this happened.


I can haz Android Ice Cream Sandwich filling?

 I don't know how much wear and tear it'll withstand, being made of felt, but it's cute enough, no?  

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