Monday, April 2, 2012

Who likes herpes?

  • I read on Facebook that 2,597 people liked herpes.  Who ARE these people?  Are they insane?   

  • 65 People liked the herpes simplex virus.  

  • 3819 People liked "not having herpes".    (I'm with you, folks.)  

  • The tuba had 15,236 likes.  That's a lot of tuba liking and they didn't even specify WHOSE tuba got liked.  I don't go liking tubas all willy nilly.  

  • Plankton (the cartoon character) had 527,845 likes and 4,308 people are currently talking about him. 

  • Plankton (more specifically, Zooplankton) had 685 likes but only 4 people talking about it.  I suspect they're ALL into whales.

  • 5,492 People liked Fish Sticks.  I bet at least half of them like Kanye West.

Now your head is just swimming with questions, isn't it?   Well, let me add one more cherry to the top of your sundae:


71 People liked clown porn.  



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