Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Gobbamned SwivelStore piece of sh*t.

I thought my regular readers would appreciate an update on the SwivelStore that I blogged about not long ago.  It's a hunk of junk, but I'm using it.  Oh, yes I am.  I bought and paid for that piece of shit (or four of them) fair and square so I've earned the right to bitch about it all I want.  And I shall.  I may even link the SwivelStore people to this blog and let them see how irate I am about their cheating, lying ways.  

To get anyone who isn't up to speed caught up, I ordered a SwivelStore organizer through the SwivelStore site online. I wanted to take advantage of their two for one deal (stupid stupid stupid), but when I clicked to order the one...(which was going to be two) it took me to a confirmation page that stated that I had ordered TWO sets of TWO.  Who the fuck needs FOUR of these contraptions?!  Then I noted that the "processing" fee came to a total of $31.00 and change.  WHA...???   Husband of Brilliance later informed me that they had charged the same shipping and handling for each individual item, even the free ones, so I got screwed in a whole different door.  Not cool, SwivelStore, people.  Not cool.

There was no "back" button.  That sucker was processed.  I had Sugar Daddy (see: Husband of Brilliance) call the customer service number that I had found through a laborious search.  He got in touch with one of the many SwivelStore drones and was told, of course, that it had already left the processing plant (man, they're lightning fast...or liars) and the only thing we could do would be to refuse its delivery when it came to the door.  Right.  Okay, then.   We're saddled with the $70 bill for four SwivelStore thingimawhoosits.  Great.  

Its flimsy plastic only holds the small bottles and jars of spices, so if you're looking for something that will hold your glass jars, skip the SwivelStore.  You'll use it once and it will break and fall on your head, causing you to curse the existence of such an atrocity.  You've been warned.

They've even made it difficult to attempt to give these things away as gifts (not that I would try to pass such a plastic nightmare off on my family and friends) as they neglected to pack them in anything but a plastic wrapper and a plain cardboard box.  The only indication that they were, in fact, Swivel Store products is the flimsy little 4 X 6 note card with their name on it and instructions for the incredibly vapid, showing how to use it properly.

Swivel Store, you suck balls.

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