Friday, September 2, 2011

I can't Mom today.

I'm playing Words With Friends on Facebook.  It's taken up a lot of my time today, and I'm actually not quite finished satisfying my need to form words from randomly selected letter tiles.

That said, there are a few things I will not be getting done today...because, you know...I'm busy.

I will not be doing any dishes.  If you need a drinking glass, fork, spoon or plate, wash one.  Unless you're made out of sugar, you're not going to dissolve in the dishwater. 

I will not be vacuuming.  If you encounter a dust bunny you can't step over, I suggest you kick it out of the way or, here's a thought: pick it up and throw it away.  If it growls at you, RUN.

I will not be breaking up any fights.  If you resort to pushing and/or shoving and/or hitting your siblings, you are on your own.  I'm sure you'll rethink your decision as they pound you into the ground.

Ooh, it's my turn.  Gotta go.

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