Monday, September 23, 2013

Is Eight Too Young For A Liquor License?

Sam wanted to make a lemonade stand.   Not being one to thwart the efforts of this pint-sized entrepreneur, I enthusiastically gave her permission.

She made her own little lemonade sign and pulled a table and chair out to the front yard, then came inside to make the lemonade.  

But we had no lemonade.   *insert 8 year old's sigh deeper than the ocean*

She quickly pulled herself together and said, 
"Well, what can I sell instead?"
"Well, we have this:"

"Seriously?!  MOM!  What person would be interested in a MARGARITA STAND?!"
"I think what you mean to say is "What person WOULDN'T be interested in a margarita stand.""
*serious face*
"Mom.  Really.  No one would buy something from a margarita stand!"
 "...Um...I would."  

And then she gave me the look.  You know the one.  The look that says "Mother, WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

(So much, kid.  So so much.)

It's a good idea though, right?  


  1. It beats a glass of sugary water with not enough lemon juice in it, which is what I sold as a kid.

  2. A margarita stand strategically located right after work lets out on a Friday evening- she'd make a killing!

  3. See, I hate those drinks but, I would buy one only because it's a cute idea!! Lol


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