Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Sirens Who Cried "Tornado!"

That's what the weather warning sirens have always been where I live, really.  To me, at least.  I grew up taking those sirens for granted, because it seemed like nothing ever really happened when they went off.  

In these later years, the intensity of our storms has increased exponentially on the electrical front and we've had some very strong "micro-bursts" (thanks for reminding me of that word, Sonnie), but we still haven't really seen a tornado in this city.  Not one that could be classified as such.  Not for over a hundred years if I recall correctly.  And I hope we never do.

Thinking about the families in Oklahoma yesterday and all of those families in Alabama and Missouri not as recently, I'm thankful for those sirens, no matter what they cry.  

Does your town have warning sirens in the event of severe weather?


  1. It seems the weather goes in extremes both ways lately. Last year we had the drought, this year the floods and now the extreme tornadoes. Also I guess the prevalence of social media and 24 hour news makes us more aware of the extreme weather.

    We feel pretty safe in our town too (as far as weather goes)but the sirens are for the whole county and if there is a tornado threat around the surrounding area, they all go off. I appreciate them, because until recently we didn't have them.

  2. We're just over our county line. We don't hear our town's sirens, but do hear the ones in the next county. If they go off, we start checking radar. A weather radio we can program for what county and warnings we want it to go off for helps, too.

  3. We get warnings on the TV about extreme weather, which fortunately is very rare here in Oregon.


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