Sunday, February 24, 2013

Can I have your purse?

So here's the thing:  I'm looking all over the internet for a decent-sized tote/purse.  I can't seem to find one I just "have to have" on any site or Google, so I figure I'll just shop here.  Y'all have a ton of great shit, right? 
I'm partial to Michael Kors and Burberry, but will accept Coach and/or Prada if it's cute. 
If you've got one that's in the "give away to charity" pile, can I see it?   I mean...I'm the best charity I can think of.   

Well, it was worth a shot.
big smile mini


  1. Sorry, but I stopped carrying purses years ago. No one bought the story that they were European and for men.

    1. lol, Stephen. I know you would have given me the fanciest European carryall you had. Bless ya. lol

  2. I ain't got no dee-ziner purses, sorry.


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