Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reading the statuses on FB this morning, it's evident that people need to chill the fuck out. They're all thinking they know the perfect solution to this type of tragedy when the truth is that there is none.

Keeping God out of schools, bringing him back, arming everyone, arming no one, home-schooling your kids...none of that will prevent this kind of thing from happening.

But arguing about it is all people can do to help themselves make sense of it. They need a tangible solution and they will not find one.

It's okay to grieve about this, folks. It's also okay to grieve about the fact that the world is random and dangerous and long as you remember to appreciate that it's also amazing and innocent and beautiful and none of us are guaranteed a single day here.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding Jesus...Again.

In honor of His return, I'm reposting this entry from 2011. 

Finding Jesus.

Last year, while driving my children to school, I passed a house with a plastic nativity scene in their front yard.  It was a very simple reproduction of the Holy Family with SuperStepDaddy Joseph and the Virgin Mary kneeling near the...


...wait a minute... 

*blink, blink*


It seems that, in this family's version of the Nativity Story, not only was there no room at the inn, but the manger was full as well.  Mary and Joseph knelt near the newborn child in a plastic, Ten Items or Fewer shopping basket. 

It struck me as an interesting decorative choice and I wondered what made them choose to put a half-naked representation of the Messiah in a plastic shopping basket.  

From a distance, the baby-doll that sat in the basket appeared to be a version of the Rub-A-Dub Dolly I had when I was a child.  Its limbs were straightened, which put him at an odd angle in the too-small basket.  Because this doll was not meant to bend, he looked like he'd frozen solid in the cold, which looked more than a little bit creepy.

Was he a place-holder for their real Baby Jesus or did the third part of the Holy Family get baby-napped years ago, forcing the family to search the bargain bin at the Dollar Store for a replacement?

Sadly, I feared we would never know.  On the way to take the girls to their last day of school before winter break, we noticed that Shopping Basket Jesus was missing.  The basket was there, but the Baby Jesus was not. 

We prayed for his safe return.

This year, our prayers were answered.  He is back, but Mary seems to be a little worse for wear.  Behold: 

Virgin Blows Her Top Over Missing Express Lane Messiah's Return

*2012 noteSomeone send these people a new Nativity, please.

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