Saturday, August 11, 2012

Taking the plunge.

Well, I've done it.  I have finally opened a store from which I hope to sell many sparkly things.  It might need a little work and a lot more lovely baubles listed, but it's a start. 

I've got no experience with this, but thanks to the power of the intarwebs, that will not be a problem!   Internet businesses come with rather detailed instructions dumbing down the magical wonders of entrepaneurship into something akin to Lemonade Stands for Morons. 

It is truly awesome.

I don't doubt that I'll meet a snag or two along the way, but at least I've jumped in at last.   I don't think I'll have money falling out of the sky on me, but only because I don't think Paypal can DO that.  It might hurt, anyway.  And I'm fragile. 

Also, I sometimes doubt my genius and think no one will buy my pretties.   But enough of that!  I'm not here to cast my own shadow of doubt, I'm here to promote this wonderful new venture! 

So let's do this thing!

Go here.  Look.  Buy.  I'll make stuff out of whatever you want, for a price.  Except puppies.  I can't work with puppies.


  1. I've seen much of your work, and wear several frequently, so I'm glad you've finally made it available to the wider audience. Much luck!

  2. Got my earrings & they are adorable. I'll be sure to check your store for more sparkliness!


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