Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It feels like fall today.

John took the girls fishing today and I had the entire house to myself.

I sat alone watching Sex and the City (movie, not series) and enjoying the quiet and the sound of the rain and a lovely gentle breeze blowing in through the window and I thought, it feels like fall.

I know it's still August and the heat will climb back up to Oppressive in a day or two, but right now, at this minute, it feels wonderful.

It's one of those mornings that makes me think of plaid skirts and white shirts and crisp apples and the smell of paper.

God, I hope it lasts.
photo courtesy photobucket Klattu01


  1. John took the girls fishing in the rain. You must really have needed some time alone. Ha!

    1. lol! I did make it sound like that, didn't I?

      As I understand it, it's not raining where they are...or it wasn't supposed to be.

      But they're all catching stuff! Stuff of the fish variety. Madison sent a picture of a bass she caught.

      I'm stunned. I didn't know she had any Babe Winkleman in her.

  2. The weather this time of year is the best.


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