Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh, Internet, how I've missed you!

You may have noticed my absence as of late.  Believe me when I say you were not abandoned by choice!   It was an act of God.  Or Mother Nature.  Or Gaia.  Or Thor.

Last week, we had a teensy little rainstorm.  It didn't bring us lower temperatures or a break in the humidity or even enough of the wet stuff to bring an end to this drought that is wreaking havoc on the crops in the Midwest.  It did bring lightning.  Lots and lots of it.

One of those bolts with many volts struck the pine tree in our backyard.   My oldest daughter and my husband saw it happen.  They were standing out on the back porch, watching the light-show, when suddenly the world became very bright and deafeningly LOUD.   Both were shaken, but not hurt by the strike, thank God.

With the lightning striking so close to the house, we suffered a bit of damage to our electrical stuffs:  the computer went kerblooey and the Direct TV box in my room will no longer turn on, and now the ceiling fan in the kitchen has decided to up and this heat.  Great.  So now I'm forced to do the dishes only during the hours when the sun is up...and burning a hole through the kitchen windows...with no moving air to cool me.  *sigh*  What to do...

You don't want to read my complaints, do you?  You want pictures.  Of course you do.

I don't know if I have to explain too much about these photos, but you can see that the lightning bolt more than peeled the bark from the tree.  The bark pretty much exploded from the inside out, actually.  There is a split down the length of the trunk. How deep it goes, I don't know, and I hope it hasn't compromised the tree too much.  We like that tree.  It's been here way longer than we have.

Enough digressing.  Pictures.

Ground to point of entry.
This is at least twenty feet up the trunk
and where we thought
the lightning first struck the tree.

But when you step back a ways...
See where the shadow ends way up there?
THAT's where it hit.

 Side note before I let you go...

Did you know that when lightning strikes a coniferous tree, it can totally barbeque certain pine cones but leave others untouched?  Something about the sap and the path the lightning takes...I dunno.  Apparently sap is a great conductor of electricity.  Yikes.

But hey!  It's great to be back!   Now tell me everything I missed! 


  1. Welcome back! Not that I've missed you -- I know where to find you!, but the thousands, er, hundreds, I mean...several... who follow you must be thrilled to see that you're back in the ether where you belong!!!! Keep writing, Ninja!!!

  2. Welcome back, and I'm glad you and your family are okay. You say sap is a great conductor of electricity? I better stay indoors because I'm filled with it.

    1. *braying laughter*

      Oh, that was not pretty. Thanks a lot, Stephen. ;)

  3. Glad your back! It hasn't been the same without you around.


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