Monday, July 2, 2012

My Parenting is so full of WIN.

My children recently had their semi-annual plaque scraping and professional tooth polishing appointment.  Even scheduled early in the day, we spend most of our morning there.  Three kids, three cleanings, one oral hygienist...Yeah.  It takes a long-ass time.  
 We came prepared, having brought a backpack filled with crayons, coloring books and reading materials, but it was the Mancala board that got the most use:
Mancala Tournament: Hour Two
By the time the last child was released with healthy teeth and gums, we were nearly starving.  I promised to feed the heathen spawn, so we headed to McDonald's.  (Where else can I poison my family for under twenty dollars?) On the way there, the girls decided that British accents were just what our boring old car ride needed.  The next twenty minutes on the interstate were very entertaining.  Did you know that anything and everything is not just funny in a horribly exaggerated accent, but freaking hilarious?
The fun didn't stop when we reached the drive-thru at McDonald's.  
While I wasn't savvy enough to order the food in my semi-convincing accent, I did greet the cashier who took my money with an enthusiastic "Ello Guvn'a!" making Madison nearly shoot a snot rocket at the windshield trying to stifle her laughter, while the two in the back brayed like donkeys.
Having still not had enough fun, we kept it up all the way home, the hilarity of the situation causing the two smallest campers to increase their volume with each word they spoke.  Finally, I had to ask them to bring it down a notch, saying, "You know what, guys? I don't think they yell everything in Great Britain. I can't recall the last time I heard someone announce: "IT'S TIME FOR TEA!"
Just then, the high pitched, and overly affected voice of Samantha piped up from the back of the van and yelled, "MERRY CHRISTMAS, BITCHES!!!"

I'm still trying to decide whether that's a parenting fail or a parenting win.
Which do you suppose it is?
(If you are guilty of grinning at this, please share it with your friends.  If you thought it was a ridiculous waste of your time, share it with your enemies.)


  1. I don't know how to score that one either, mate.

  2. Win! Win! Win! Lmao. We swore at that age we just didn't do it in front of our parents. Well you didn't, Dion tattled on me.

  3. Woah! I haven't seen that game for a while now. Although I have to say that I was bad at it.

    1. I remember playing it once in school in...I want to say sixth grade. That was QUITE a while ago. lol.

  4. It would have taken me a couple seconds for it to really sink in."did she? No she didn't." Then I would have bust out laughing while trying to do the mother thing too. " oh honey, we don't say that. Those are grown up words." Then when I replayed it in my mind later to double check if I handled it right, I would think, hey my kids are comfortable enough to cuss around me. That would convince me all was well, and then I would tell everybody about it. You know, because it's funny. So, yeah, win win.

    1. LOL! I like your explanatory explanation of it! And it just IS funny, isn't it? :)

  5. Total win! And what a random thing, but I said this very thing to myself in the kitchen yesterday. I have no kids to pervert but I am wondering if you can teach cats to flip the bird.


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