Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nyan death ray destroys house, Children rejoice.

An invisible Nyan cat shot this rainbow ray at my neighbor's house.  It exploded in a cloud of glitter ten seconds later.

I'm only kidding.   It was part of this double rainbow.

Did I say "double rainbow"?  Whoa. That reminds me of this guy:

In the middle of my rainbow coverage these teenagers mugged for the camera.  I think they'll be pleased to know that I put them on the blog, don't you?  Maybe it'll go viral like the Rainbow Dude.  I mean how often to you see that?  Teens!  Mugging for a camera! 

That's rarer than a double rainbow.  Crazy.


  1. I think I've only seen a double rainbow once or twice in my life. And I was never fortunate enough to have a camera in my hand at the time. congratulations.

  2. The first time I saw a double rainbow I swore someone slipped something into my koolaide... it was so weird!! :-P I was like 13... it was really pretty though :)

  3. Double rainbows are awesome :) We see them a lot here. That guy in the video should come on out here... or maybe not? his head might explode...


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