Friday, June 22, 2012

How Lily either helped someone drive to Texas or buy drugs on an otherwise normal Friday morning.

I forgot to tell you guys what happened with Lily and me last week.  She and I were out picking up stuff for her birthday party that day this was...Friday...and as we were leaving, we passed a young couple, maybe in their early twenties, holding a sign that said: "Out of gas.  Need to get back to Texas.  Anything helps." 

Still driving, we chatted just a little bit about how far away from home they were but the discussion ended there.  Listening to the radio, Lily's mind was still working on the couple. 

Soon she said, "Mom?  ...Could we give them something?" 
I said, "Would you like to?"
She nodded.
"See what I've got in my wallet." 
She said, "You've got five bucks." 
"Do you want to give it to 'em?" 
"Well, can we?" 
"Sure!  Let's go around the block." 

And so we did. 

She leaned out the window and handed the young man a five dollar bill.  His face lit up and he thanked Lily, thanked me and his female counterpart chimed in with a happy "God bless you."  I could tell their appreciation was genuine.

Now, I don't know what they were driving through Iowa for, but I saw their car nearby in the lot (they had actually been standing near it when we pulled in) and it did have Texas plates on it, so there was no second thought of Gee, I hope we're not helping them support their crazy glue addiction.  But you know what?  Despite that little nagging voice of skepticism, it still feels better to give SOMETHING, doesn't it? 

They were grateful, she felt wonderful and I was extremely proud of my kid.

What about you?  Would you encourage your child to give to a panhandler? 


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    1. That's it, huh? "NO". No punctuation, no "Damn, Erika, you're foolish with your money" or "You could've just blown your nose in the bill and it would have done just as much good". Just..."NO"?

      I expected more from you, Matt. ;)

  2. YES, and we do it all the time Erica!!!!! My children know that some people arent as lucky as we are to have roofs and food to eat, and they like to give their change to the salvation army bell ringers. My husband is HORRIBLE about giving money to strangers, Hes a mean man with a kind heart ;P He gives so much Its a wonder we arent in the poor house! ~ Starr

  3. Riki, our moms raised us right. It makes sense you'd turn around and teach the same with yours. Lily is such a sweetheart!!!! I'm proud of Lily, please tell her so. - Tiffer

  4. It really depends on the situation; sometimes yes and sometimes no. Never if they're using a child or puppy to panhandle.

    1. Agreed. Both would be very awkward situations posing too many questions. I've never seen either, thank goodness.

  5. Give Lily a big hug for me. Karma will be giving her a big hug too, when she needs it, some day down the road.

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