Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey, you like free stuff? I'm hosting a giveaway!!

Do you know what I do when I'm not wordsmithing, killing plants, taking a thousand silly pictures of my dinner, being accosted by mall personnel or peeking into my neighbor's windows?  

I make jewelry.   

I bet you didn't know I was so talented, did you?

Because this giveaway thing is supposed to be really super easy to do, I'm jumping in with both feet and donating two of my newest creations.   Some lucky person will be the winner of a bracelet and earring set from Random Ninja Designs. 

Ooh, shiny!

Awesome, right?  I mean, is there anyone who doesn't like free sparkly stuff?  I am a freebie whore, people.  If it's free, I want it!  I become positively giddy when I see a package waiting for me on the porch and will knock down any small person in my path to get to it.  

But enough about my deplorable behavior, there's stuff to be won.

Go enter mah giveaway, peoples!  

Ooh, look!  A Rafflecopter thing!  That sure makes things easier, doesn't it?   Good luck!

(It's come to my attention that the Rafflecopter is not letting many of you comment for whatever reason.   That's okay. It still registers your entry for the giveaway.  Comment when you can.  I won't be upset, I promise.  Besides, you can always make it up to me by subscribing via email. It's over there on the left.  Go there now. Shoo. Skedaddle.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Rafflecopter has spoken!  Jennifer Serafini Myers is our winner!

Please keep reading RandomNinja.  I'm definitely going to be doing this again.  So much fun!!

Thanks all for the terrific response!


  1. I knew you were talented, but this just adds another layer to your creativity. This jewelry is really beautiful.

    1. Aw, thanks Stephen. Did you enter the giveaway? I think blue might just be your color! Or perhaps it's Mrs. C's color.

  2. Me want shiny. ;)

    1. It really is shiny, Ashley. You won't believe it. I nearly blinded some guy while I was stopped at a light yesterday. ;)

  3. So pretty! I followed all your commands...I'd better win! Otherwise...nothing will happen. I'll probably just pout for a while. *purses lips in preparation*

    1. This is hilarious that you ended up winning after all! I hope your lips were pleasantly surprised, Nenna.

    2. My lips are super pleasantly surprised. They much prefer to be smiling instead of pouting. I can't wait to get my pretties!!!

  4. As pretty as it is, blue just isn't a color I love to wear other than my eye color. Very pretty set though. Great job with the creative juices!!


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