Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Substitute Ejection Seat.

Funny story. My daughter Lily was telling me that their guest teacher fell out of Ms. K's chair last week.  She went to sit down and the chair tipped her forward somehow and set her down on the floor...hard.

Thankfully, nothing was hurt but her pride.

Great icebreaker, that.  Nothing captures the hearts of 5th graders quite like embarrassment.  Those kids now think she's a laugh riot because of the way she handled herself after being so brutally rebuffed by the chair.

I thought that was the end of the story, until recently when Lily noticed something interesting.
She said, "Hey, Ms. K has the same chair that we do!  But, Mom, how do you get it to tip backward and not forward?"  I asked what she meant and she said, "Well, ours tilts backwards when you lean back in it.  Ms. K's is supposed to do that, too, but hers tips forward instead."
"Oh!  Thereby dumping unsuspecting guest teachers on their heinies?" I asked.

"Haha! Yeah!"

After a bit of discussion, and a few more giggles, we deduced that Ms. K had put the seat on backwards when she assembled it and accidentally booby-trapped her chair in the process, creating a sort of ejection seat.

If you're a prankster, you might want to write that one down.  It's sure to be a classic.

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  1. These could probably be marketed for more money as ejection chairs. Bosses would want them positioned in front of their desks.


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