Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pay It Forward and Be Awesome.

If you are reading this, you must be awesome.   Do you know what awesome people do?  They show other people how awesome they are.  Know how?  By taking that awesome and paying it forward.

Now, stay with me for a second, I'm not asking for anything for me.  I don't need a new kidney or boobs or anything like that.  This is for a good cause, I promise!   (Disclaimer:  I do not mean to imply that kidney donation and/or breast augmentation are not worthy efforts.)  

You see, my friend, Lori, who lives in Virginia, has these really clever boys, Colin and Quinn.  They took part in Destination Imagination this year with classmates Mitchell and Benjamin.  Their team, called The Brotherhood, has worked really hard.  They won the regional competition and placed second in the statewide competition.  (I'm telling you, these boys are smart!)  Having placed so well in their previous competitions, they now have the opportunity to compete in the global competition in Knoxville, TN at the end of May.

Awesome, right?  *nodding*  Totally!  It makes a mother proud!  And it's kind of neat to be able to put "I breed super geniuses" on your bumper, resumé, tattooed on your forehead, etc.

But there's bad news.


The fee for participating in the Destination Imagination global competition is $4500!  Forty-five HUNDRED.  DOLLARS.  That doesn't include money for gas, eats and the hotel stay for four boys and chaperone(s).

So their fantastic mom, has set out in the hope of making this trip possible by trying to raise the funds any way she can.  Well, almost any way.  She's not turning tricks...yet.  But she's only one person and it's a lot of money to raise. 

So I'm asking you, my beloved readers to get the word out.  Would you consider donating to the boys' cause?  Any donation will help, even $1.  If you have a dollar to donate, send it to their Paypal account by pressing the button below. (Why it's way down there, I don't know.  I'm not that computer savvy, but it doesn't look that way in my draft.)

If you have more than a dollar and want to have a little more than just pride to show for your donation, LOOK! They're also doing a pasta fundraiser!  Mmm...pasta!  In fun shapes!  Who wouldn't love that?!  Are you a sports fan?  They've got collegiate shaped pasta.  (I'm totally getting this one.)

So, if you want to spread your awesome and help cultivate the super genius, please help!

If you can't help, but still want to be awesome, go to their Facebook page and share the hell out of it with your friends.  I know you have some friends you want to send this to.  You know, the ones who can never think of anything good to get you for your birthday, so they end up having a tree planted in your name?  Hit them up!  Tell them they can forget the tree this year and help send these boys to their competition.  Tell them there's a button.  People like buttons.

Go ahead.  Do it.
Be awesome.  You'll be glad you were.



  1. Oh my goodness, Erika! THANK YOU!!!!!!! speechless. ♥♥♥

  2. I clicked your button.
    Go The Brotherhood!


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