Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I water-board my plants

Do you remember this post about the beautiful springtime and gardening...and my monstrous acts of herbicide?

Well, those seeds I mentioned?  They're planted.  They're growing.  Shut up.  They're really growing.  They are outside with Mother Nature, who gives them nice drinks now and then.  (Small drinks are what small plants need, right?)  Well, I think it's lulled them into a false sense of security.

Sure, they'll do well for now, reaching their adorable little leaves up to the sky and taking in that nice drink naturally, but when the dry spell hits (and it will) I will probably forget about them for days or weeks.  It will eventually dawn on me while I sit in the air conditioning with a tall glass of lemonade in my hand, that I've got plants dying outside.  Of course, then I'll try to make up for this neglect by pummeling them with copious amounts of water, thereby drowning them. 

Annuals fear me.  Soon they will learn to accept their fate.

And that's okay!  Death comes to us all.  It just comes to my plants sooner.

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