Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blech. This spinach tastes like spinach.

No, this is not a cooking blog, but I made "guilt-free spinach dip" and I like to share these minor triumphs with you.  As you know from reading my past entries, if you write interestingly enough, every appetizing dish, shopping list snippet, visit to the gynecologist and zombie dream could be good blog fodder.  Over-sharing is kind of the whole point to having a blog, after all.  Well, over-sharing, and those pesky delusions of grandeur.

The spinach dip was supposed to be seventy-three kinds of awesome, but honestly I think it fell a little short.  It tasted okay, it just wasn't terribly creamy.  I suppose creamy-smoothness is the guilt-ridden part of Spinach Dip, and given the name of the recipe, it had to be omitted.  Few things make a person experience more guilt than eating hot, creamy cheeses.  Damn them for tasting so farking good!

It was kind of pretty though, as pretty as a bunch of soggy leaves covered in Parmesan can be, so like the last dish I made from scratch, I photographed it.  

It wasn't a total fail, you know...for being "guilt free spinach dip".

It would probably help if I actually liked spinach.

What can I add to it to make it taste a little better and not so spinach?


  1. Try this-
    Throw that away.
    Put a large can of chili and jar of cheesy queso dip in a crock pot.
    Cook on high for an hour.
    Pour contents in a bowl.
    Eat it with tortilla chips.
    And there you have it, guilt free spinach dip. It's guilt free cause there's no spinach in it!

    1. You. Are a GENIUS! Thank you, Schmoopie-doopie.


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