Friday, April 20, 2012

Mums on the pot.

Before I left my folks' house this morning, I left this plastic, mum-filled pumpkin on their toilet.  

 *shrug*  I have no idea why I thought it would be funny for my Dad to walk into the bathroom and see this.

Thinking on it now, this could very easily turn into something bigger than an oddly-placed floral arrangement.  The simplest of our silly happenings have turned into jokes that spanned generations.  We have the traditional throwing of the rolls that began one Thanksgiving when my Grandfather asked his grown children to "toss" him a roll and they promptly pelted him with baked goods from up and down the table.  There was also the holiday dinner when my aunt announced that she had forgotten the damn salad, thereby making "Damn Salad" a staple in our holiday meal banter, even if it wasn't to be a part of the menu.

He's got to have seen it by now.  I wonder what his reaction was.  Let's find out.

Me:  Where's mum?
Dad:  Dead phone.  She'll call you. 
Me:  Not MOM.  Mum.  Like the flower.
Dad: They have been put away. Thanks a BUNCH. lol.
Me:  Mums on the toilet. *giggle*
Dad:  That would be "mums on the pot".
Me:  Mums not on the pot anymore.

*snicker*  Mums on the pot. 

I'm going to start using these phrases to respond to small talk.

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  1. Yer such a gooberriffic goobtastic goober. ;)

  2. I love it this story! It really feels like my family your talking about. Oh wait it is! My mom forgot the damn salad.

    1. Thanks to your message on FB, I don't have to guess which cousin this is. lol!

  3. Sorry, Tiffer, (and Riki) but it was I who forgot the "damn salad" - your mom/aunt didn't swear. (Wonder what that says about me??) Mom/Casey


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