Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fish Tank Update: Paula Abdul is a Zombie.

More news from the fish tank, folks.  Waldo, one of the new bubble-bellied mollies, bit the dust last week.  I've made the appropriate notes on the clipboard, don't worry.

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson are not getting along.  Tiffany seems to have her tail out of joint about something and wants to vent to Debbie about it, but Debbie doesn't want to hear about it and swims away as soon as she gets too close to her.

Steamboat Willie (the Mickey Mouse Platy) is worse than Tiffany with this business of clinging to tankmates.  He decided that Rocky (the Sunrise Platy) was "like totally super cool, y'know" and followed her everywhere she went.  When we thought she had died of exhaustion trying to escape Willie's constant stalking, I unearthed the volcano (I'm such a goddess) and...gave away her hiding place.  :(  If fish could roll their eyes and sigh...   Poor Rocky.

We also lost Paula Abdul (neon tetra).  I thought we were down to three, with both Randy and Paula gone, so I was shocked to discover that there are still FOUR remaining neon tetras in the tank.  I mean, fish lay eggs, right?  They don't reproduce with mitosis, they lay EGGS.  So where the hell did this other neon tetra come from?!

I knew I shouldn't have buried Paula Abdul in the Pet Cemetery.

Now I've got a freaking zombie fish. 

Freaking zombies, man.

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