Saturday, February 11, 2012

Before I became a mom, I never...

...answered the door with one breast in and one out of my bra.

...told a passerby at Target that I was on my way to return my crying child at the service desk.

...reminded a fellow parent just how much the overhead compartment on a plane can store.

...understood what was really meant by "extended breastfeeding"(please see also: Co-sleeping,  feeding around a corner, Longboobs McGee, I am not a taffy pull)

...ate food that had been on and/or in another person's face.

...watched Barney and Friends.

...feared that cartoon violence would be acted out in my living room.

...talked with another person's imaginary friends.
...worried that another person's imaginary friends would be a bad influence on my child. 
...scolded an imaginary friend. mad at my husband for falling asleep before me. mad at my husband for waking up AFTER me. mad at my husband for sleeping more soundly than me.

...sounded SO MUCH like my mother.

...started a conversation about poop.
...joined a conversation about poop. a conversation about poop.

How has parenthood changed you?


  1. LOL! Um...before I became a mother I never said, "That's it. You have to put underwear on if you can't stop putting your penis on everything."

    Or, "No! You have to AIM! You can't pee on the WALL!"

    Or reminded someone for the umpteenth time that playdoh is not actually food.

    Or had anyone so blatantly point out how "squishy" I am.

  2. Before I became a mom...I didn't ever think I'd sound like MY mother, let alone have my daughter blog about sounding like HERS!!

    1. Oh, Mother. I can see you behind that anonymous profile. ;)

  3. Shoot! Foiled again!


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