Saturday, January 7, 2012

40-Year-Olds Don't Lick The Chocolate Off The Dessert Plate...

It's my birthday.  Today I am 40 years old.

My mother took me out for the day.  There was shopping and wonderful food and lots of laughter and adult conversation.  There was an It's Not Every Day Your Baby Girl Turns 40 Celebratory Drink for my mom and one for the birthday girl.  We we had a lovely grown-up time...until dessert. 

It doesn't even matter what the actual name of the decadent slice of heaven set before me was, because whatever name they gave it would not have done it justice.  This was not just a sinfully rich and delicious confectionery.  This was a chocolate orgasm. 

We joked that it was so good, I could lick the chocolate off the plate.  BUT.  40-year-olds don't lick the chocolate off  dessert plates at the Olive Garden.  40-year-olds recycle.  40-year-olds keep an ongoing shopping list in their purse.  40-year-olds vote and do dishes and drive places and wear reading glasses and stuff.  40-year-olds can remember when Mtv used to play music.

Of course, THIS 40-year-old still snickers at the words "melon baller", "cotton balls" and "pussyfoot". 

So let me rephrase my initial statement:  today I am CHRONOLOGICALLY 40 years old.  Emotionally, I'm still 14.

I licked the plate.  I licked it good.


  1. *giggle* Happy birthday, Erika. :)

  2. Good girl! Everyone should lick the plate. You know, before the dog does.

  3. "I licked it good."

    That's what she said.

    Happy Birthday!


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