Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Ninja...I'm SO not a dude!

In case there's any confusion out there, I'd like to point out that I'm not a man.   There's a reason for this announcement, I swear.  When I created Random Ninja,  I wanted an effectively menacing photograph to welcome my readers. The picture I chose as my blog header was a photo of an awesome and manly ninja wielding nunchucks and he looked like this:
I'm awesome and manly!  Fear me!
If I could remember the name of the artist I snagged him from, I'd tell you, because he IS pretty awesome.  He bears a strong resemblance to the guy who does Ask a Ninja, but he's not...I don't think. 

I digress.  What was the point I was trying to make?  Oh, yes: I don't have a penis.  Stay with me here, people.

I got my first spam comment on a post the other day (a link to a medieval weaponry site), and I thought perhaps my page header (though it was more likely the word NINJA in my title) had led people to believe that I was in possession of outdoor plumbing.  It's been my opinion that any comments are good comments, so the weapons pusher's link didn't bother me as much as I claimed it did, but the notion was already in my mind that I could be mistakenly thought to be a man.  THAT thought bugged me!  My page header needed to change.   I needed something that screamed into the Internet "Let it be known that I do not now, and never have owned a penis! I've never even rented one, despite what any old boyfriends may try to tell you!"

So with a little help from my Paint program and Audrey Hepburn, I was able to edit that manly ninja of manliness and replace his macho mug with one that was a bit more feminine.

Here's the old header:  


And the new one:  I call it "Break Legs at Tiffany's".  *nodding*  Hells, yeah. 

To recap:  Random Ninja - awesomely random, slays with razor sharp wit...

Not a dude. 

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  1. Does this you're NOT going to show me your penis? :(


Spammers, get bent.

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