Monday, August 15, 2011

Parental Duty #388: TAKE PICTURES!!

When we become parents, we simultaneously become amateur photographers.  We purchase new cameras and snap pictures left and right, for never has there been a baby more beautiful than our own. You would think that no one had ever reproduced before! 

As they grow, we document as much as we can of their youth.  We take pictures of them smiling, laughing, crying, eating lemons, crawling, sleeping, nursing, picking their noses, making those special "I'm pooping" faces that only a parent could love and thousands of other things.  It's amazing babies don't suffer permanent eye damage from the blitzkrieg of flash photography they're subjected to.  But time is fleeting, and we have to capture every moment before it's gone.  WE HAVE TO.  

It's in the handbook.

That being said, this blog entry marks our ninth year of photo shoots entitled Blissfully Unaware Happy Children On Their First Day Of School.

Ready?   Let's do this!

 Madison stop texting!
They look ready to take the 7th, 5th and 1st grades by storm, don't they?
Yeah, that's more their style.
On our way to take Sam and Lily to their lines.  I'm like a sniper with that camera. 
I guaranteed her that no one else would have a rainbow cheetah print schoolbag that had a patch with GIR riding a pig on it.   Man, is she going to be pissed if I'm wrong.
Hugs for big sister Madison.

Typical of most seventh grade girls, in reply to my well wishes and profession of love, Kitten gave me a fist bump and a "Yeah, bye" before she traipsed along on her merry way. 
"Don't embarrass me, mother.  I know I'm adorable and you want to continue to hug me until the stuffing gushes out of me.   Please don't.  You may leave now."

Another school year has begun.  That's all.  The End.  

Oh, wait...

I know I told Kitten I wouldn't post this picture. I lied.  


At least I didn't post this one:
Oh, oops.  Nevermind.


  1. Love it. Your girls are da bomb, baby.

  2. LMAO!!! OutSTANDing!

    You're SO gonna get it from Princess Pie, dood. Srsly.

  3. @used2chaos: Lori, I may have to sleep with one eye open. I am DEAD MEAT.

  4. Your little one is so big for 1st grade! And I LOVE the GIR bag!

    All great pictures.

    You are so very right about the amature photog thing.

  5. kitten is tight


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