Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crappy Neighbors.

What do you do when you see the toilet from your neighbor’s remodeling project is STILL sitting where he left it, waiting to be hauled off by the city?   Take advantage of a juvenile photo opportunity, of course!  

Step 1: 
Sit on the junked crapper and act extremely irritated that your photographer had the nerve to interrupt your morning business:  


(You’ll note that the pants are not down and there’s no newspaper.  No one wanted this photo shoot to look THAT real.  We’re juvenile, not insane.)

Step 2:
Survey the imaginary log.

“Corn?  When did I eat corn?”

Step 3: 
Give your deposit the Arthur Fonzarelli Seal of Approval.

“Now THAT’S suitable for Bulky Waste Pick-Up.”  

Step 4:
Write about toilet humor, blatantly displaying your extreme immaturity to the masses and hope that your neighbor doesn't suddenly decide to follow your blog.  Voila!


Spammers, get bent.

All others, thank you so much for your comments! ♥ Riki

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