Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here We Go, Steelers...HERE WE GO!

No more of this bullshit. You ain't walkin' into the house that Art built in 1933 and declaring victory. We've all seen "A Bronx Tale". We'll let you in our house, but you ain't leaving till we say its time. The Jets ain't got nothing. It's a group of young whipper-snappers, all cocky and ballsy. What we have you can't even fathom. It's time, it's honored, it's tradition. It's Pittsburgh Steeler Time, ALL THE TIME, BABY. You want what we have but you didn't bring a cart big enough to carry it. You can't have it. It's ours. We've been to this dance 15 times and we're walking out lady in hand. You wanted a war, well you've got one.

Our Father, Who art in Pittsburgh , Football be Thy Game, Let Mendenhall Run, 6
Superbowls Won, On Earth as it is in Heinz Field. Give Us this Day a
Playoff Victory, and Forgive Us Our Penalties, as We Defeat Those Jets
Who Play Against Us. But Lead Us into a Victory, and Deliver Us to Texas .
For Thine is the D-Line, the Polamalu, and the Harrison .....A-Ben. GO STEELERS!!!!!!

(Disclaimer: I did NOT write this. I found it on a Sound-Off forum and absolutely had to share it with my fellow Steeler fans. Enjoy it, my people.)

HERE WE ...................


  1. Talkin' shit is sooo sexy. I am seriously so hot for you right now.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!

  2. lol! Even if I didn't actually write it? Cool! :)

  3. 'Tis MOST awesome! I love it!

    Um...I'm so stealing that siggy...

  4. Yeppers. Still sexy even if you didn't actually write it. Steelers love is ALWAYS sexy!

  5. You are awesome. i can't really get on board with the whole Go Steelers thing, but, I love you. :)


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