Friday, November 19, 2010


That's where I volunteered this morning.

It was Sam's kindergarten class, which one of her classmates pronounced "kingerdargen". He was adorable.

I get such a kick out of their reactions to new smiling faces. Some recognized me and were super excited to see me again and a few had to first stare at me with blank looks on their little faces. After a bit, even the skeptics decided I wasn't rabid and then proceeded to compliment me on my earrings and ask umpteen questions about "those things in your ears" (my hearing aids). For a minute there, I WAS "show and tell".

As I was leaving, Samantha came to give me a hug and the rest of the class followed her. I was bombarded with hugs from 24 little five and six-year-olds!

I'm totally going back on Monday.


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