Friday, November 26, 2010

Black and Blue Friday - a poem

Twas the dawn of Black Friday, and in front of the store,
The people had camped out all night by the door,
Their bottoms were nestled in frozen lawn chairs,
As they peered through the glass, plotting what would be theirs.
The veteran shoppers were dressed for the weather
Eyeing new blood, as they huddled together,
When toward the glass doors an employee came near,
With a key in his hand and his face filled with fear
They watched him approach, with their eyes opened wide
He unlocked the door and then leaped to the side.
Like antelope, torn from their watering hole fun,
When the lion creeps nearer, break into full run,
So into the store the patrons did dash,
With lists miles long and buttloads of cash.
More rapid than eagles, they grabbed at Wii Games
They pushed, kicked and called one another foul names.
The Black Friday shoppers went straight to their works,
They prided themselves on behaving like jerks.
They said, "Puck your mother!" (or words of that sort)
As shopping became a full-contact sport!
Black Friday peeps, know this as you roam-
You're fighting without me, I'm staying at home!


  1. The hubby and I are laughing and applauding. We refuse to give in to the lure of $20 DVD players or the latest "gotta have it" toys. We stay home and snuggle up in our jammies while the rest of the world fights for a bargain.

  2. This. was. AWESOME!

    You funneh laydee. ;)

  3. LOVE IT E!!!!! Hilarious!! You should get this posted in the QC Times!

  4. You are a comedic genius, my dear Riki. Love it!

  5. good golly, you is good. I know not what this beast is, blackith fwiday, but it scares me...

  6. Perfect. Please repost every year. Its perfect.

  7. Right on, my child! Love, your Mom


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