Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sugar Daddy Is The Mac!

My husband works at a pet store. People drop off animals to pet stores all the time. Either they can't take care of them anymore or someone has died and they didn't know what to do with the small animals...so they take them to Sugar Daddy. They frequently get guinea pigs. (This is a relevant point, I promise.)

When we went to conferences a few weeks ago, Lily's class pet, a guinea pig named Snickers, was sick. He was already way past the expiration date as guinea pigs go, and it wasn't looking good. So John offered to bring in a guinea pig for the class if Snickers didn't pull through.

Lily came home with a note from her teacher the following Monday: "Snickers has met his demise. Please put me on the guinea pig watch list. Mr. A"

Snickers, bit the big one.

This week, a customer came in with a guinea pig named Bugsley.

Bugsley is now sitting on the table in my dining room where all the children can ooh and ahh over her and the other beasts of the house can scrutinize her and make her thankful that she lives in a cage that requires opposable thumbs to open.

Tomorrow morning, Lily and John will be bringing the new class pet to school where she and more than 24 fourth graders will live happily ever after.

Behold the Pig of Awesomeness:

Samantha (5) drew a picture of our houseguest:
The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it?


  1. Sugar Daddy is da BOMB!

    His wife ain't bad, either. ;)

  2. This is my second trip this week into guinea pig drawing land. Love it! And Bugsley too!

  3. AWwwww... Tell Bugsley I said "SQUEE! SQUEE! SQUEEE!"

  4. Samantha's depiction of Bugsley is great!

  5. I love Sam's picture.
    John is da bomb, yo.

  6. Most excellent, Riki. Most excellent, indeed.


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